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Frequently Asked Questions

What is glutamine metabolism in breast cancer?

Increased glutamine metabolism (glutaminolysis) is a hallmark of cancer and is recognised as a key metabolic change in cancer cells. Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease with different morphological and molecular subtypes and responses to therapy, and breast cancer cells are known to rewire glut …

Can glutamine kill cancer cells?

Cancer cells’ addiction to glutamine has long tempted cancer biologists as a potential Achilles’ heel for treating the disease. Perhaps by cutting off the supply of this amino acid, one could starve cancer cells to death. Inconveniently, normal cells need glutamine too.

Do cancer-associated fibroblasts secrete glutamine?

“In models of ovarian cancer and prostate cancer, it was shown that cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) can synthesize glutamine de novo and secrete glutamine to support tumor cell growth in a glutamine-limiting environment [56,57].

Does restricting L-glutamine intake slow cancer progression?

However, tumors actually need very little and it has been shown in vivo (in the body) that restricting l-glutamine intake does not slow cancer progression. This is because within in the body (unlike in vitro) tumors can obtain l-glutamine from endogenous sources (other cells in the body can make l-glutamine).

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