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Frequently Asked Questions

Is glutamine good for cancer patients?

Glutamine is a major dietary amino acid that is both a fuel and nitrogen donor for healing tissues damaged by chemotherapy and radiation. Evidence supports the benefit of oral (enteral) glutamine to reduce symptoms and improve and/or maintain quality of life of cancer patients.

Why is L-glutamine bad for You?

By depriving ourselves of l-glutamine in our diet we put a lot of stress on our bodies to produce it; just so the greedy cancer cells can gobble up what little we’re making.

Why do tumors produce L-glutamine?

This is because within in the body (unlike in vitro) tumors can obtain l-glutamine from endogenous sources (other cells in the body can make l-glutamine).

What are glutamine supplements?

Glutamine is used as a source of nitrogen and carbon. It helps to produce proteins and support the gut and immune system, providing fuel for the likes of white blood cells. It comes in two forms: L-glutamine and D-glutamine. The former plays all of the important roles mentioned above and is the name some glutamine supplements are sold under.

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