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Frequently Asked Questions

Does K12 private academy have enrollment terms and start dates?

K12 Private Academy offers several enrollment terms and start dates for full- and part- time students. At this time we are accepting K–12 applications for our fall enrollment options that feature multiple start dates to fit your student's needs.

Can I return K12 supplies at end of year?

When you enroll in a K12-powered public school program, the materials your student needs to complete each course are shipped directly to your home. Some of these materials, such as textbooks, need to be returned at the end of the year. K12 supplies pre-paid shipping labels as needed for families to return school supplies.

What are the K12 options?

K12-powered school options include tuition-free public schools, tuition-based private schools, individual courses for purchase, and options for school districts. By providing choices in education, K12 seeks to help students reach their full potential through inspired teaching and personalized learning. Is K12 different than homeschool?

How do I schedule days off for my students?

You can schedule days off by using the “Schedule Setup” tool from within the Learning Coach account. Days Off will show as a “Vacation Day” in your Student’s Daily or Weekly plan!

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