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Frequently Asked Questions

Is K12 really free?

Stride K12 powers several types of tuition-free online public schools. Visit school finder to see the available options in your state. At statewide virtual academies, available in dozens of states and D.C., learning takes place at home. Some of these schools incorporate elements of in-person learning at an onsite location.

Is K12 Online School free?

The K12-powered online school in North Carolina is similar to traditional public school in a few key ways: Enrollment is tuition-free*. High school graduates receive a diploma. Students enjoy online and in-person social connections. Online school follows the traditional school year calendar.

Is k12 online school accredited?

K12 owns free online public schools, tuition-based online private schools, and online supplemental courses, and is accredited by AdvancED, the largest homeschool accrediting agency.

Is K12 homeschooling free?

Students enrolled in Stride K12-powered tuition-free* online schools experience a personalized approach to an online homeschool curriculum. State-certified teachers provide instruction and students receive a high-quality education that's tailored to their needs.

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