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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most in-demand jobs in South Africa in 2022?

An important job in just about any industry where international business connections are developed and nurtured, translators are pivotal to many of South Africa’s businesses and have remained very much in high demand through 2022. There you have it! The most in-demand jobs in South Africa in 2022.

What is the South African job market report?

The report was developed as a guideline for hiring managers and job seekers in South Africa, focusing on disciplines in engineering, finance, human resources, technology and sales, among others.

What jobs are available in South Africa?

Foreign investors are interested in South African’s continental resources and acquiring new business, so language skills are highly important and always in demand. Industries: Legal, Marketing, Accounting, Education, Publishing Job titles: Interpreter, Communications Specialist, Translators 7. Engineering

What's happening in South Africa on Workers' Day?

As South Africa observes Workers’ Day on 1 May, its citizens face a high unemployment crisis and job cuts being implemented across the market while battling a global pandemic that has claimed over 50 000 lives in the country.

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