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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cancers eat glutamine?

It is less well known that cancers have an equally voracious appetite for glutamine, an amino acid. Briefly, glutamine is the most important “nitrogen shuttle” in the blood. It brings the organic nitrogen to the cancer cells so they can use it to make the essential amino acids and thus proteins required to make more cancer cells.

Does glutamine depletion affect tumor growth?

It is essential for tumor growth and marked changes in organ glutamine metabolism are characteristic of the host with cancer. Because host glutamine depletion has adverse effects, it is important to study the regulation of glutamine metabolism in cancer and to evaluate the impact of glutamine nutrition in the tumor-bearing state.

What happens if you don't have glutamine?

Ayer discovered that by restricting glutamine availability, glucose cannot be well utilized by cancer cells. “Essentially, if you don’t have glutamine, the cell is short circuited due to a lack of glucose, which halts the growth of the tumor cell,” Ayer says.

Can blocking the import of glucose and the metabolism of glutamine fight cancer?

In order to implement this metabolic shift, cancer cells put more glucose transporters (which import glucose) into their membranes and rely on glutamine to satisfy other nutritional requirements. This has led to the hypothesis that blocking the import of glucose and the metabolism of glutamine could serve as powerful weapons against cancer.

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