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Frequently Asked Questions

Are best practices for healthcare?

Best practices are a valuable source of practice-based evidence on effective public health interventions implemented in real-life settings. Yet, despite the frequent branding of interventions as best practices or good practices, there is no consensus on the definition and desirable characteristics of such best practices. Hence, this is likely to be the first systematic review on the topic of ...

What does inxite health systems do for healthcare technology?

INXITE ® is a Patient-Centered System for Better Care Coordination with Improved Patient Outcomes INXITE ® enables all stakeholders in healthcare to successfully transition to value-based care. The platform gathers relevant patient data to help providers better understand the risks and needs of patients. Once the right data is collected, INXITE ® presents it as actionable insights on an ...

What is the center of Excellence in healthcare?

“Our Centers of Excellence program recognizes hospitals that exhibit the innovation and leadership needed to have an impact against antimicrobial resistance and have instituted practices for others to emulate.”

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