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Frequently Asked Questions

What is innovative healthcare?

Innovative Healthcare improves quality and patient engagement while increasing value in this ever changing healthcare industry. Innovative Healthcare focuses on provider practice enhancement, EMR integration, and physician services maximizing returns and value.

What business solutions does ihbs offer?

At IHBS, we find business solutions for the specific needs of your medical practice. Below you’ll find a selection of our Practice Management Solutions that are available to you. Providers often enter into agreements with vendors and once these agreements are in place, they are never reviewed again. Unfortunately, this is a Continue Reading

What is innovative's way of reporting?

Our innovative way of reporting is not to produce vast amounts of data, but to collect, manage, process, distribute, and deliver that data in a quick and concise yet very informative format. Innovative's mission is to add value to your practice, whether it is a physician practice or a hospital.

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