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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the baseball section of the infosports® website?

Welcome to the baseball section of the InfoSports ® website. Here you will find tournament listings; teams looking for tournaments, players, and games; and a huge database of baseball knowledge compiled from the contributions made by the visitors to this website. Need a team manual? Check out Joe Zander's Baseball Team Manual.

How many listings are there in Michigan baseball tournaments?

Michigan Baseball Tournaments Your search turned up 366listings. Displaying 50. First| Previous| Next 50| Last Sort By Date| Sort Alphabetic 9U Only Michigan Monster

Where are the Michigan Baseball Classic events held?

Bill Fleck Brighton Baseball Classic Location:Brighton, MI Dates:06/10/22 - 06/12/22 Ages:9u, 11u, 12u, 14u 60/90 AABA BATTLE AT THE LAKE OPEN CLASSIC Location:St. Clair Shores, MI Dates:06/10/22 - 06/12/22

Where is the West Michigan Invitational?

12th Annual West Michigan Invitational Location:Stevensville, MI Dates:06/10/22 - 06/12/22 Ages:8U / 9U / 10U / 11U / 12U / 13U / 14U / 15U FAAST June Bash Championships at Walled Lake

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