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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I organize my purses?

These are my 5 top tips:Empty out your bagPut like items together and work out what’s rubbishOrganize the items into categories that you want to keepFind a system that works for you holding your items in your purseKeep at it, practice keeping your purse or bag organized

How to organize your purse like a boss?

So without further ado, here’s How to Organize Your Purse, The Lake Life State of Mind way!Empty out your purse completely. In order to know what you are working with, you need to empty out your bag completely. ...Make three piles: trash, keep, return. ...Sort your keep pile. ...Add your piles into pouches. ...Create an emergency kit using a pill container. ...Organize everything back in your purse. ...DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE EMERGENCY KIT LABELS TODAY. ...

How to keep your purse organized?

Keep Your Purse Organized and Clean: 10 Tricks All Women Must LearnKeep pockets (mostly) clear. Most purses are decked out with a few inside or outside pockets. ...Use those built-in pockets effectively. Figure out which items you take in and out most often, then assign one to each of those built-in pockets.Prevent messes. ...Nix the junk. ...Clean it out regularly. ...Store meds in a pillboxGive your bag a deep clean

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