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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ICR Conference?

The ICR Conference is one of the largest investment conferences of the year featuring presentations by more than 200 public and private companies, with attendance by institutional investors, private equity professionals, equity research analysts and select media, approximating 2,500 in total.

When will the ICR 2023 conference take place?

The ICR 2023 Conference will take place throughout World Reflexology Week in 2023. We will have an exciting new format to accommodate different languages and time zones. Please watch our Conference page and Facebook pages for more information.

Will ICR Conference 2023 be at Grande Lakes Orlando?

We are thrilled to welcome the ICR Conference 2023 back to the Grande Lakes Orlando for our 25th Anniversary and look forward to bringing you an enhanced conference experience that will exceed your expectations and re-establish the in-person connections and conversations that are so valuable and integral to the event.

What's new at ICR for 2022?

25th June: ICR Hispanic mini conference online on Palliative Care WRW 2022: This year ICR will celebrate World Reflexology Week together with an event supported by the ICR French-speaking countries coordinators. Dates to be confirmed. In the 4th Quarter of 2022, date...

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