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Frequently Asked Questions

What are FIFA 22 icons?

FIFA 22’s Icons are the very best cards you can get in Ultimate Team before the onslaught of special cards release throughout the year. In this guide, you’ll find information on how to get Icons in FIFA 22, as well as a full FIFA 21 Icon cards list so you know what players you have a chance of getting.

What is the most expensive card in FIFA 22?

R9, with 10.5 million coins, is by far t he most expensive card in FIFA 22 - and at the same time the rarest. Ruud Gullit is traditionally the best midfielder at the beginning. There are already some players who play Gullit and Goretzka at CDM. Costs, after all, only a measly 8.2 million coins.

Who is the best player in FIFA 22?

Ronaldo is the best player in FIFA 22. Not Cristiano Ronaldo, the Brazilian legend. His Icon cards are the most expensive players in the game and with good reason. Pele may have a 98-rated version, but 96-rated Ronaldo costs twice as much as his compatriot.

How much does Ferenc Puskas cost in FIFA 22?

Ferenc Puskas has proved hugely popular in FIFA 22 due to his High/Low workrates. He rarely tracks back and thus is always availble for a quick counter as he never drifts far from the goal. Depending on which version you purchase, he will cost over 1m coins, with the 94-rated version nearly 3m.

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