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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I remove Mendeley web importer?

Visit the Microsoft Edge Add-Ons Store while using Microsoft Edge and click ' Add '. If you see 'Remove' then Mendeley Web Importer is installed, but it may be hidden in your toolbar. To view hidden extensions, click the 3 dots next to your profile picture or icon in the top-right of the Microsoft Edge browser window.

How do I add a reference to Mendeley?

How to add your first reference. 1 1. Launch Mendeley Web Importer. Click on the in your browser toolbar to launch the Mendeley Web Importer window. Alternatively, press the keyboard ... 2 2. Sign in. 3 3. Select references to import. 4 4. Add to Mendeley library.

How do I install Mendeley web importer on opera?

Opera is generally compatible with Chrome Web Extensions and Mendeley Web Importer should work with Opera. Visit Chrome Web Store in your Opera browser and after a few moments, click ' Install extension ' from the alert which appears at the top of the Opera browser window. Please be advised that Mendeley offers no official support for Opera.

Does Mendeley's legacy bookmarklet still work?

Our legacy bookmarklet may continue to work. To install, drag this link to your bookmarks bar and click it when you wish to import a reference. Mendeley offers no official support for this. Visit the Apple App Store while using Safari and click ' Install '.

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