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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need AMD Radeon Software?

You can remove Radeon software if you do not need it, but this software can be useful for things like troubleshooting and editing your screen’s settings, and any Radeon GPU which you have (whether integrated or discrete) will likely perform better with Radeon software installed.

How do I install AMD software?

install AMD driver: 1) Download the correct AMD Full Set of drivers from AMD Support. Make sure your Windows is fully updated via Windows Update. Windows Must be fully updated because the latest AMD Drivers requires all the latest "Optional" and "Recommended" updates to be installed. 2) Use Windows Uninstall to uninstall current AMD driver and software.

How do I update my drivers AMD?

How do I update my AMD drivers without software? Open Device Manager. Type devmgmt. In Device Manager, expand the Display Adapters section. Right-click on your AMD GPU and choose Update Driver. Choose Browser my computer for driver software. Next, click on Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer. Click the Have Disk button.

How to download Radeon Software?

Radeon Software is available at AMD Drivers + Download Center. The site provides two options to locate and download the latest version of the Radeon Software: Automatically Detect and Install Your Driver: Run the AMD Driver Autodetect Tool to detect your Radeon ™ graphics product and Windows ® operating system.

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