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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to reclass a raster?

Reclassifies (or changes) the values in a raster. Usage If a range of values is to be reclassed, the ranges should not overlap except at the boundary of two input ranges. Where overlapping occurs, the higher end of the lower input range is inclusive, and the lower end of the higher input range is exclusive.

What is reclassification in ArcMap?

Reclassification is the process of reassigning one or more values in a raster dataset to new output values. The Reclassify tool is available in the Spatial Analyst extension in both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.

How to remap a raster table?

In the tool dialog, the Classify or Unique options in the Reclassification parameter allows you to generate a remap table based on the values of the input raster. The Classify option opens a dialog and allow you to specify a method from one of the Data classification methods and number of classes.

Why is the remap parameter empty in a reclassify tool?

If the input to the tool is derived data from a tool that isn't already run, the remap parameter in the Reclassify tool will be empty until the preceding tool is run and the model is validated. To avoid this, always run preceding tools before connecting their output variables as input to the Reclassify tool.

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