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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DAT load board?

DAT’s load board offers the largest network to find loads, as well as the best tools available to negotiate rates. When you invest in DAT, you’re not just getting the most complete driver load board in the industry, you’re joining a service that helps you to negotiate your best rates, find the best brokers, and grow your trucking business.

How many loads are posted on DAT?

With 500 million loads posted every year, DAT offers the biggest, most complete listings of loads from brokers and shippers across the country. Additionally, brokers often list loads on DAT first. Over 160 million loads are posted on DAT before any other load board, and many of our loads are exclusive to DAT subscribers.

What is a load board and how to read one?

Load boards are a versatile tool for finding loads. You can advertise your truck’s availability to freight brokers or search for suitable loads yourself. However, a the most important quality is its insight into current trucking/lane market trends. Knowing how to read a load board can help you get the best rates for your business.

How do I find the going rate for loads?

Fortunately, when you need to find the going rate for loads in your area, DAT has you covered. When you are doing load searches, DAT’s load board for truck drivers helps you understand the most up-to-date market prices, so you can choose brokers accordingly.

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