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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for making perfect poached chicken?

Patience is the key to a perfect poached chicken breast. Here’s what you need to know: Begin by placing your raw, boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a wide, shallow pan. Cover with water. Add cold water to the pan and fill until the chicken breasts are fully submerged.

How do you poach chicken without overcooking it?

Start by rummaging up a large skillet or sauce pan. When it comes to poaching, the size of your pan matters. Choose one that’s big enough to fit your chicken without the breasts overcrowding, but small enough that the dish won’t require a ton of water to cook. The right pan will help the chicken poach quickly and evenly.

What is the best way to keep chicken moist when poaching?

Because poaching is done at a low temperature, you can use all kinds of liquids, like wine, milk, even oil or melted butter. But for chicken breasts, water, stock, or broth are the best choices.

How long does it take to poach chicken?

About ten minutes. Check for doneness! You want an internal temp of 165°F. Once the chicken is done, take it off the heat. Let the chicken rest in its poaching liquid for a few minutes, if you’ve got the time. The capacity of meat to hold water actually increases as it cools.

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