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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to make a frisbee golf course?

With some tomato cages and dollar store laundry baskets you can easily make a fun homemade Frisbee golf course for your backyard. For DIY Frisbee Golf You’ll Need: I made 5 DIY Frisbee Golf Baskets or DIY Disc Golf Baskets. The tomato cages I got at Walmart for $2 each and the Dollar Tree baskets were $1 each.

How to make a DIY Frisbee disc golf basket?

To make an easy diy disc golf basket, stick your tomato cage in the ground for setting up. Place your Dollar Tree laundry basket inside the center of the tomato Cage. That’s all there is too making a diy disc golf basket. Here is what a completed one should look like. Here are my 5 completed diy frisbee golf baskets.

How to play disc golf?

How to Play Disc Golf. 1 Step 1: Getting Started. Go to your favorite sporting goods store and ask if they sell disc golf discs. When you get to the discs pick and choose from ... 2 Step 2: Materials Needed. 3 Step 3: Choosing a Disc. 4 Step 4: Findind Disc Type. 5 Step 5: Finding Disc Weight. More items

How sturdy are Frisbee targets?

The targets themselves have weathered very, very well and have proven sturdy enough for my 75# chocolate lab to hold on to the lip and retrieve her Frisbees from inside the basket without damaging them in any way.

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