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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you endorse a third party check?

The correct way to endorse a third-party check is the person the check is made out to must sign it over to a new (third party) recipient. If you need a check, know the differences between a cashier’s check vs. a certified check from a bank. A cashier’s check and certified check are different as they do not require a third person.

Where can you cash a third party check?

Cash third party checks at your bank, credit union, or certain check cashing stores. In some cases, you can deposit a third-party check at an ATM. Mobile App deposits and Customer Service Centers at grocery stores are unlikely to cash third party checks. The best option is to cash a check at your bank or credit union.

How do you sign a third party check?

The third party is liable for the full amount of the check if it is fraudulent. Have the payee endorse the back of the check to you. He must write "Pay to the order of" and write your name. Have the payee sign beside or beneath the endorsement. Sign the business check under the payee's endorsement and signature.

How do you endorse a check over to someone else?

To endorse a check to someone else, all you have to do is write "Pay to the Order of (insert name of someone else)" and then sign your own signature, all in the endorsement section on the back of the check. By writing your check endorsement this way, you can endorse a check to someone else.

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