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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the New Jersey prevailing wage?

They vary by the location of the job (each New Jersey county has a different rate), by the type of work performed, and by the experience level of the worker. For instance, the prevailing wage for a general laborer in Middlesex County is between $23 and $29 per hour, depending on experience.

Is unemployment income taxable in NJ?

No, New Jersey does not collect taxes on money paid out from unemployment benefits. You will not owe state income taxes on your New Jersey unemployment income for 2020. New Jersey joins California, Virginia, Montana, Oregon and Pennsylvania as states that don't place taxes on unemployment benefits even though they have state income taxes.

Is labor taxable in NJ?

maintenance service. Contractors working in New Jersey are required to be registered with the State for tax purposes and to collect New Jersey Sales Tax on charges for labor when required.

Does New Jersey have income tax?

Unlike the Federal income tax, the New Jersey income tax does not allow itemized deductions. You may claim the New Jersey standard deduction if applicable, and specific deductions may be available to New Jersey taxpayers as limited deductions or tax credits.

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