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Frequently Asked Questions

Is WorthPoint worth it?

It depends on what your item is, whether Worthpoint is worth it. I have subscribed and am satisfied with it, but it does lack a lot of features. I just bought a subscription at a discounted rate. I got a year for 169.99 or $14.51 a month after listening to a podcast. I like it and I don’t like it.

Is there a free trial for WorthPoint?

We’re sorry that you did not have a better experience with using WorthPoint. We found that your account is associated with a subscription that was created on 12/31/21. There is a free trial that starts all of our subscribers out with 7 lookups or 7 days, whichever comes first.

What happens if I cancel WorthPoint?

Worthpoint states that if you cancel you still will be able to use the site for the month that was canceled if charged. I would like a refund please! Recent app update is garbage. They have rendered one of my most used business apps almost worthless. Screen layout and sorting option is horrible now.

Where can I see what my items are worth?

If you want to see what your items are worth, go to PBS Antique Road Show, they're honest! Thanks for your review. We’re sorry that you didn’t have a better experience with us and are here to assist.

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