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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Homestar Runner?

Homestar Runner is the namesake character of the series, and "He is a terrific athlete" that "everybody loves the". He serves as the star athlete of an unspecified sports team led by Coach Z, and has partaken in rather rigorous exercise routines.

Does Homestar Runner have arms?

Like Homestar Runner, she does not appear to have visible arms. Nevertheless, she is still able to pick up and handle objects without any hint of difficulty. She is voiced by Missy Palmer and is one of the few characters not voiced by Matt Chapman.

What happened to Homestar and Strong Sad?

Homestar is running back and forth and he knocks over Strong Sad. Pom Pom starts jumping on him and the electronic scoreboard is keeping count. Also, Bubs is there for some reason.

Where did the Cheat egg come from in Homestar Runner?

The Cheat, according to Strong Bad, came from a giant egg also filled with a lifetime supply of fish sticks which he won on the same day that he met Homestar Runner in a 10-step foot race to win the egg, although it is unknown if this is actually true. Marzipan is the only major female character in Homestar Runner.

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