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Frequently Asked Questions

When did the Homestar Runner become a cartoon?

In 1996 by Mike Chapman and Craig Zobel wrote a children's book that they titled The Homestar Runner enters the strongest man in the world contest. It became a flash cartoon in 1999 when "The Brothers Chaps", Mike and Matt Chapman, wanted something to practice using flash on.

What are the spin-offs of Homestar Runner?

Homestar Runner features several spin-off series from the main "shorts" and "big toons", including the most well-known, Strong Bad Email. Strong Bad Emails (also known as "sbemails") are arguably the most popular and prolific series, featuring Strong Bad answering emails from fans.

Why is Strong Bad more popular than Homestar Runner?

Thus, even though Homestar Runner is the main character, Strong Bad is more recognizable and popular. These emails spawned new characters and spinoffs such as "Trogdor", and the "teen girl squad". In 2003, Strong Bad was aksed in an email to draw a dragon, and demonstrate his "skills of an artist [sic]."

Did Homestar Runner write the music for Strong Bad Email?

The creators of Homestar Runner spent time with the band and wrote songs that have been released on the website as "Puppet Jam", a spin-off of "Puppet Stuff", where Puppet Homestar sings with TMBG. TMBG also wrote the music for Strong Bad Email #99, different town, and the band wrote and vocalized the intro song of the 200th Strong Bad Email.

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