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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install closet organizers?

How much does closet organization cost? The cost to install closet organizers ranges from $900 to $2,500 . A custom-built organizational system offers personalized solutions to maximize storage and keep it clean.

Where can you get closet organizers?

15 of the Best Closet Systems You Can Buy for Total OrganizationElfa. Starting at $804, The Elfa system, available at The Container Store, is a totally customizable system that you can design online or work with an expert to create.Boaxel. ...ClosetMaid. ...Whitmor. ...Modular Closets. ...Easy Track. ...Closet Evolution. ...Rubbermaid. ...EasyClosets. ...Closet Factory. ...More items...

How to choose a closet organizer?

Closet Purpose – figuring out the purpose of the closet will help you decide what sort of closet organizer you need to look for. If you are storing a lot of similar, larger items, (linens) you can get away with larger compartments, whereas storing lots of small things of all different types (office supplies) requires more and smaller ...

How to build an easy DIY closet organizer?

Place the organizer in the desired location ( where it will be secured to two studs ). ...Remove any items that are holding the organizer. ...Now it’s time to add the 1″x2″ trim to the front of the organizer and shelf. ...Measure the sides of the organizer ( each one could be different) and cut the trim at those measurements. ...More items...

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