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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the most important aspects of Hmong culture?

Some important aspects of Hmong culture are respectfulness, politeness, the pride that lacks arrogance, and lack of jealous of the outsiders (Chiu 7). These important aspects have made the Hmong community survive under pressure of more powerful nations for many years.

What should I know about the Hmong culture?

CULTURE Mannerism. Respecting family members is one of their basic rules. ... Food Habits. Their staple food is rice. ... Ceremonies. In their community, marriage is a union of two families. ... Role of Males and Females. The Hmong follow the patriarchal system. ... Music. ...

What religion do Hmong people traditionally follow?

Miao folk religion or Hmong folk religion is the common ethnic religion of Miao peoples, primarily consisting in the practice of ua dab (Hmongic: "worship of deities"). The religion is also called Hmongism by a Hmong American church established in 2012 to organise it among Hmong people in the United States.

What are Hmong people famous for?

List of Hmong people Ahney Her, actress, best known as Sue Lor in Gran Torino April Yang, YouTube star with over 2 million subscribers Bee Vang, actor, best known as Thao Vang Lor in Gran Torino Brenda Song, Disney channel actress/teen star, known for The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck; Song is an anglicized spelling of "Xiong" More items...

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