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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the gatekeeper in a HMO?

Gatekeeper (Health Care) Law and Legal Definition. In an HMO, the gatekeepers are the first persons of contact for questions about health care needs. A gate keeper also approves referrals to specialists, hospitals, laboratories, and other medical services.

What does a gatekeeper of a HMO do?

When used in relation to health insurance, gatekeeper describes the person in charge of a patient's treatment. Anyone who receives health insurance coverage in the form of a managed care plan, specifically a health maintenance organization (HMO) plan, is assigned a gatekeeper or allowed to choose one.

Is it better to have a HMO or PPO?

Quick Answer. A PPO is better than an HMO in terms of flexibility, but an HMO is better than a PPO in terms of cost. HMOs, or health maintenance organizations, are coordinated through a single doctor, whereas PPOs, or preferred provider organizations, allow patients to visit any health care professional.

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