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Frequently Asked Questions

How historically accurate is the show Vikings?

The hit show Vikings is a deep, engrossing odyssey based loosely on Norse culture and events circa 9th century Europe. Vikings creator Michael Hirst takes a number of creative liberties, and the show tends to be more akin to the film 300 when it comes to accuracy rather than the informative portrayal that its History Channel origins would indicate.

Is the History Channel’s ‘Ragnar Lothbrok’ historically accurate?

Centering on the Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok and his family, the show lifts the veil on the Viking world of the 9 th and 10 th centuries. But, while the History Channel always endeavors to make their shows accurate, how much of what is depicted is true, and how much is fiction introduced for good entertainment?

How historically accurate is the horned helmet from Vikings?

It's ironically a key element that's missing from Vikings that stands out as a historically accurate attribute. When many think of these raiders, it's often the stereotypical horned helmet that comes to mind first due to pop-culture caricatures in films like 1961's Erik the Conqueror and the 1958 Kirk Douglas film The Vikings.

What are some of the most historically inaccurate facts about Vikings?

Perhaps the most bloodthirsty historical inaccuracy in Vikings is the scene in which Athelstan is crucified by the Christian church for being an apostate or unbeliever. There are no records of Christians ever using crucifixion as punishment, and many would have believed it to be sacred, and reserved only for Christ.

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