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Frequently Asked Questions

Is heating oil cheaper than gas heating?

'The price of oil has continued to fall over the last quarter, and the cost of home heating using oil is now cheaper than gas heating, regardless of the type of property you live in or whether you have a conventional or condensing boiler.' The pricing data, from Sutherland Tables, is quarterly.

Is heating oil a cheap way to heat my home?

Gas is generally much the cheapest form of heating, but its cost depends on a number of factors, including your supplier, tariff and boiler. The main thing that makes heating oil different is that it is stored onsite rather than coming from the grid. The price of oil hasn't changed for a few years now, and is currently quite cheap.

Why is heating oil so expensive?

The other big reason heating oil is more expensive than gasoline is because the world's demand for diesel fuel is growing faster than for gasoline. Diesel fuel is essentially the same as heating oil, so the more diesel in use, the more that will be reflected in the price of heating oil.

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