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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of tricycle is a 12 inch Radio Flyer?

Radio Flyer 12 in. Classic Red Tricycle The sturdy steel design and rubber tires make this tricycle durable and easy to ride Chrome bell and handle tassels are fun and stylish A controlled turning radius and low center of gravity make this tricycle easy for little ones to ride This Tricycle won Parents Choice Classic Award.

Does Radio Flyer sell product parts?

Radio Flyer strictly controls the product parts that it offers for sale and does not sell parts for resale purposes, nor does it permit the use of parts in third party products. Radio Flyer is the only approved seller for product parts.

What kind of bike part was removed from a PAL tricycle?

** PAL ** Tricycle * Trike * * FENDER & SKIRT SET * * Vintage Bicycle Bike Part Up for auction is this vintage trike part. This was removed from a PAL tricycle. Please view photos for condition- condition is as shown. This is the fender and skirt assembly from the old trike. There are some scratches and surface rust.

What's the Roadmaster trike handlebar size?

Roadmaster Trike Tricycle Chrome Handlebar and Red Grips Used but in nice condition. It does show some rust and scratches (photos) 10-1/2" tall overall x 18" wide. They are for a 10" or 12" Trike for 11/16" fork.

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