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Frequently Asked Questions

How many police officers are in Greater Manchester?

As of March 2020, Greater Manchester Police employed; 7300 police officers, 350 Volunteer Special Constables, 606 Police Community Support Officers, and 2,961 members of police staff. The GMP headquarters are at Central Park, on Northampton Road, in the Newton Heath area of Manchester.

When did Manchester and Salford Police come into force?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Manchester and Salford Police was a police force in England from 1 June 1968 to 31 March 1974. It was created as a merger of the Manchester City Police and Salford City Police and covered the adjacent county boroughs of Manchester and Salford.

What is the history of the Manchester City police?

Upon Manchester gaining city status in 1853, its police force changed its name to Manchester City Police to reflect its status. In 1926, Salford also became a city, resulting in Salford Borough Police becoming Salford City Police.

What is a command area in Greater Manchester?

The area GMP polices is split into geographical divisions, with each Metropolitan borough of Greater Manchester being assigned one. In 2021, GMP grouped some divisions together to form command areas, the divisions that remain on their own are also still referred to as a command area.

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