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Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can you get from FAFSA?

The maximum Federal Pell Grant Award (which is the main grant for undergraduates through the FAFSA®) for the 2017-18 award year is $5,920.

Is FAFSA only for loans?

A: No, the FAFSA (or Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is not a loan. But it is a federal application that will determine your eligibility for federal and state financial aid programs. After you complete the FAFSA, you may discover that you are eligible for scholarships, grants, work-study, and student loans.

Is FAFSA a loan or free money?

FAFSA is not free money, it is the application one used to apply for government financial aid. There are different types of financial aids, that include grants, work study and loans. Loans is the only type of financial aid that needs to be paid back.

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