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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Federal Data Strategy?

The Federal Data Strategy: Principles and Practices. The mission of the Federal Data Strategy is to fully leverage the value of federal data for mission, service, and the public good by guiding the Federal Government in practicing ethical governance, conscious design, and a learning culture. The use of data is transforming the world.

When did the government respond to the National Data Strategy consultation?

A public consultation on this document was held in late 2020, and the government formally responded to the consultation in May 2021. Read the full government’s response to the National Data Strategy consultation. Adequacy decisions are how the EU determines if a non- EU country has an adequate level of data protection.

What is the national data strategy mission 1 policy framework?

This framework is designed to track delivery of government intervention for the NDS. November 2021: National Data Strategy Mission 1 Policy Framework published. This publication specifically aims to drive Mission 1 of the NDS (unlocking the value of data across the economy).

What are the principles of data strategy?

PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES Principles The Federal Data Strategy Principles serve as motivational guidelines . They underlie a comprehensive strategy that encompasses Federal and Federally-sponsored program, statistical, and mission-support data . They inform the Practices and Action Plan . Ethical Governance 1 .

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