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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gouging used for in welding?

A: Gouging is necessary for many tasks related to welding when the operator is trying to remove material to get to clean metal. The most obvious use of gouging is to remove large amounts of metal or welds that need to be repaired. What does it mean to gouge someone?

What are the applications of metal arc gouging?

Typical applications include back gouging, removal of surface and internal defects, removal of excess weld metal and preparation of bevel edges for welding. The main advantage of manual metal arc (MMA) gouging is that the same power source can be used for welding, gouging or cutting, simply by changing the type of electrode.

What is backgouging welding used for?

Backgouging welds to sound metal also may be necessary when both sides of a plate are to be welded. Gouging also is used in the foundry business to remove fins, risers, and defects from castings.

What is back gouging and how does it work?

Back Gouging is a technique to remove material to aid repair or modification or to improve weld joint integrity. There are various back gouging methods as explained in this post. Gouging creates weld grooves, removes defective welds and excess metal from cast steel parts, cuts off weld backing, or cuts through very thick metal parts.

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