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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of torch do you use for arc gouging?

The 4000 Series Carbon Arc Gouging Torch's ergonomic design and durable materials make industrial arc gouging safer and more comfortable. 4000 Series Arc Gouging Torch with 10ft. Cable

How do I contact manual gouging torches?

Manual Gouging Torches International Customer Care: 940-381-1212 / FAX940-483-8178 With 35 years of experience across all levels of the welding and cutting industries, Tom Wermert still has the same devotion for work as he did at age 20. “I just love the industry and what I do,” he says.

What is air carbon arc gouging?

Air carbon-arc gouging removes metal through the intense heat of an arc created between a carbon electrode and the workpiece. As the material melts, compressed air, which is directed through outlets in the lower jaws of the torch holding the electrode, lifts the molten metal clear of the arc before the metal solidifies.

What is the purpose of gouging in welding?

This prevents carbon deposits in the base material that cannot be welded without first re-gouging or grinding to completely clean the base material. The width of the groove is usually 1/8 in. wider than the electrode diameter, with depth of gouge controlled by travel speed.

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