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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Goibibo offer discounts on train tickets?

Goibibo offers special train ticket discounts. Book 30 days/ 6 months priorly for this benefit of Full Tariff. Compare the train ticket prices as per your budget. Makemytrip Train Coupon Code and Goibibo Train Coupon Code are offering the following discounts.

How do I save with a Goibibo coupon?

To save with a Goibibo coupon, click on any of our vouchers, and you will be redirected to the promotion page, make your flights or hotel booking from there, and proceed to the checkout page.

How to use referral code in Goibibo?

Share your referral code with friends and family members. Now allow them to download the app (available on Android and iPhone devices) and copy the referral code while login. If one of your connections makes transactions above Rs 500/-, you will be awarded Rs 20/- for 5 new user logins per month.

Can I transfer Goibibo cash to a bank account?

Is it possible to transfer Goibibo cash to a bank account? You cannot transfer Goibibo cash to your personal bank account or wallet. However, you can redeem it while booking flights, hotels, cabs, etc., for the next ride. Can I get a refund from Goibibo?

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