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Frequently Asked Questions

What does EO mean in legal terms?

Definition. EO. Executive Order. EO. Equal Opportunity. EO. Essential Oil. EO. Earth Observation.

Why travel with EO?

From our humble beginnings in the Holy Land and Edinburgh, Scotland - through world conflicts, changes in travel and communications, and a worldwide pandemic - EO has become a leader in Christian travel around the world.

What is EO Quebec?

EO Quebec. The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a global, peer-to-peer network of more than 14,000+ influential business owners with 193 chapters in 60 countries. Founded in 1987, EO is the catalyst that enables leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow, leading to greater success in business and beyond.

What are the conditions of EO membership application and renewal?

Conditions of EO Membership Application and Renewal: Every member who applies or renews their membership agrees to comply with the Policies and Procedures, Bylaws and Code of Conduct of Entrepreneurs' Organization.

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