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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GoComics Mobile App?

This is your on-the-go home for the art of storytelling, laughs and daily humor. The GoComics mobile app from Universal Uclick is your comics portal for the most popular comic strips and cartoons in the world and the largest mobile catalog of syndicated newspaper strips and webcomics.

What are the special features and content of GoComics?

Some of the special features and content include: • Sections that denote the most popular GoComics content • En espanol: a section of popular and new comics that are available in Spanish.

Is GoComics going haywire?

For a change of pace it is GoComics being problematic not Comics Kingdom. We here at The Daily Cartoonist have no idea what’s gone haywire or how long the problem will exist. But here are some other places to find SOME of the Andrews McMeel Syndicate strips online. Also where to find the other syndicate offerings you may usually read at GoComics.

Should GoComics post a message on the stub?

GoComics could easily post a message on the “stub” of their website and let people know what is going on. It’s just poor practice to leave your user base “hanging”. Note to robert reed in regard to your “no one reads Bozo so good idea in ignoring it.”

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