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Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a Luann comic strip?

Luann 6/17/14. The standard 4-frame comic strip is enlarged to approximately 4 x 12 inches. Sizes vary in accordance with the size of the comic itself, but all are printed, centered, on acid-free, archival 11 x 17-inch paper.

How many comments does Bozo get on GoComics?

Today it averages between 20 and 50 comments daily on GoComics, far more than many comics with many thousands of “followers.” Read the comments, and you will find out what people really think of Bozo.Where are your facts to back up your obnoxious sarcasm? Thanks for giving us this list! It’s been super helpful.

Is GoComics going haywire?

For a change of pace it is GoComics being problematic not Comics Kingdom. We here at The Daily Cartoonist have no idea what’s gone haywire or how long the problem will exist. But here are some other places to find SOME of the Andrews McMeel Syndicate strips online. Also where to find the other syndicate offerings you may usually read at GoComics.

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