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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cancers eat glutamine?

It is less well known that cancers have an equally voracious appetite for glutamine, an amino acid. Briefly, glutamine is the most important “nitrogen shuttle” in the blood. It brings the organic nitrogen to the cancer cells so they can use it to make the essential amino acids and thus proteins required to make more cancer cells.

Does glutamine depletion affect tumor growth?

It is essential for tumor growth and marked changes in organ glutamine metabolism are characteristic of the host with cancer. Because host glutamine depletion has adverse effects, it is important to study the regulation of glutamine metabolism in cancer and to evaluate the impact of glutamine nutrition in the tumor-bearing state.

What are the benefits of glutamine?

In some studies, intravenous glutamine helps improve immune status, prevent infection, and prevent depletion of intestinal immune cells in critically ill patients and those recovering from surgery. Several clinical trials support this use. Some studies in cancer patients suggest that oral glutamine is well tolerated.

Is glutamate a secondary fuel for cancer cells?

So glutamate, a secondary fuel for cancer cells, is made from glutamine by glutaminase enzymes. And the researchers above used a glutaminase inhibitor, CB-839. However, no glucose uptake drugs nor glutaminase inhibitors have been approved to date by the FDA, because they are too risky.

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