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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cancer cells need glutamine?

Cancer cells also supplement their "diet" with glutamine, an amino acid found in proteins. In order to implement this metabolic shift, cancer cells put more glucose transporters (which import glucose) into their membranes and rely on glutamine to satisfy other nutritional requirements.

Do cancer-associated fibroblasts secrete glutamine?

“In models of ovarian cancer and prostate cancer, it was shown that cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) can synthesize glutamine de novo and secrete glutamine to support tumor cell growth in a glutamine-limiting environment [56,57].

Does glutamine depletion affect tumor growth?

It is essential for tumor growth and marked changes in organ glutamine metabolism are characteristic of the host with cancer. Because host glutamine depletion has adverse effects, it is important to study the regulation of glutamine metabolism in cancer and to evaluate the impact of glutamine nutrition in the tumor-bearing state.

Do cancer cells have glutamate receptors?

Glutamine, glutamate and cancer There is already clear evidence that glutamate receptors are found on cancer cells. Glutamate is a secondary fuel if cancer cells cannot get enough glucose. In the brain, glioma cells seem to have more than their fair share of glutamate receptors, and now there are studies showing that so do other cancer cells.

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