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Frequently Asked Questions

What supplements help prevent prostate cancer?

selenium and vitamin E: Some initial studies suggested they might be useful against prostate cancer. My Prostate Can Naturally Be Protected If It Is Allowed To Grow.

Is prostate cancer deadlier than breast cancer?

This means that prostate cancer, relative to total cases diagnosed for 2017, is 0.50 percent “deadlier” than breast cancer. Now make sure you read that figure correctly: zero point fifty percent.

Can taking glutamine cause cancer?

In relation to cancer, it seems that a supplementation of glutamine in the diet may be beneficial for several reasons. Tumor progression is associated with an avid consumption of host glutamine by tumor cells and a depression in the activity of natural killer cells due to a decrease in glutathione concentrations in these cells.

Is hormone therapy effective against prostate cancer?

When prostate cancer cells grow resistant or become insensitive to hormone therapy, the cancer is referred to as hormone refractory. Hormone therapy may work to treat prostate cancer for many years. However, its only a temporary fix because eventually, the cancer becomes resistant. The risk of resistance goes up if the cancer has taken hold for a long time or if it has relapsed.

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