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Frequently Asked Questions

Is glutamic acid and glutamine the same thing?

Glutamic acid, also known as glutamate, is an example of a nonessential amino acid. Glutamine is another nonessential amino acid, though it is conditional under certain circumstances. Though they sound the same, they are different. The amino acids glutamic acid and glutamine are also sometimes confused with glutathione.

Does amino acid affect human beings?

Amino acids have many benefits for the body, but excessive levels of amino acids can harm the body, bringing on a whole host of side effects to your health. Side Effects of Too Many Amino Acids |

Can amino acid produce from glucose or fat?

Your body can use all of the amino acids except lysine and leucine to make glucose. Some of the amino acids have the ability to become glucose and fatty acids, while lysine and leucine can only be used to synthesize fatty acids. The recommended intake for carbohydrate is based on its role as the most important source of energy.

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