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Frequently Asked Questions

What does global payments do?

Global Payments provides payment processing services to merchants, allowing them to accept credit and debit cards, along with other payment types (this role is known as a merchant acquirer). In return, they receive a percentage of the transaction value (usually about 1-2% for credit cards).

What is the phone number for Global Payments?

Global Payments Customer Service Phone Number. Phone Number of Global Payments is +1-770-829-8000, +1-800-560-2960 .

Who owns Global Payments?

Who owns Global Payments? Global Payments (NYSE: GPN) is owned by 85.76% institutional shareholders, 1.32% Global Payments insiders, and 12.92% retail investors. Price T Rowe Associates Inc is the largest individual Global Payments shareholder, owning 45.54M shares representing 15.43% of the company.

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