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Frequently Asked Questions

What does emoji with glasses mean?

๐Ÿ‘“ Meaning โ€“ Glasses Emoji. It shows a pair of open, dark framed reading glasses. This emoji represents glasses, reading, studying, and largely scholarly implications. Glasses Emoji could be used to express any of the above mentioned.

What does the emoji with the sunglasses mean?

Face with sunglasses (AKA โ€œcool emojiโ€): One of your best friends is one of their best friends. This means that you both send lots of snaps to a certain person. Smirking face (AKA suggestive, flirting or sexual face emoji): Someone who sends you a lot of snaps, but that you donโ€™t send a lot of snaps back to.

What are emojis images?

An emoji is a digital image that is used to express an emotion in an electronic communication such as an e-mail or text message.

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