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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glassdoor's free job seeker account?

Glassdoor's free job seeker account gives you unlimited access to all the content on our site, including company, interview, salary, and benefits reviews plus thousands of available jobs. Obtaining 12 months of unlimited access is free—all you have to do is submit an anonymous review of your own.

Is Glassdoor free?

You can check out a full timeline of the company's history online. Glassdoor claims to be worldwide leader on insights about jobs and companies, and the company says its site includes more than 70 million reviews, salaries and insights about 1.3 million employers. Glassdoor is completely free to use.

Can I create a Glassdoor account as a US student?

If you are a current US student and don't have any work-related content to contribute, you can create a free Glassdoor account using a valid student (.edu) email address. The student account will provide 12 months of unlimited access to all our site's great content.

How does Glassdoor work?

At a minimum, employers use Glassdoor to post jobs, respond to reviews and study basic demographics and trends. In this post, we give you a glimpse into Glassdoor’s advanced functionalities too. Glassdoor lets you post your first job without having an official Employer Account.

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