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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a University of Glasgow account?

Thank you for accessing the University of Glasgow's online application. You must have first selected a program from the University of Glasgow website before you register for an account. Your application must be submitted within 42 days from the date you created the account or your account will be deleted.

How do I apply to study at GCU?

The easiest way to apply to study at GCU is online. Our online application forms are simple to complete and you will find an application button on each individual course page that takes you to the correct application form for your course. Once you’ve started and saved an application, you can return at any time to complete it.

Why study at @Glasgow?

Glasgow is a vibrant, welcoming city and close to the stunning scenery of Scotland. Our diverse University community attracts staff and students from over 140 different countries.

How do I login to the online application and applicant self-service?

The Login screen for the Online Application and Applicant Self-Service can be accessed through our website on the relevant pages where applications are made direct to the University of Glasgow (for example not through UCAS for full time undergraduate degree awarding programmes).

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