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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do on Genius?

Find annotated lyrics for all your favorite songs, or browse what's hot on Genius. Watch interviews with your favorite artists about the music you love. Explore a world of knowledge, crowdsourced from millions of obsessed fans – the Genius community.

Where can I find songs’ lyricals online?

Another fantastic place to get your favorite songs’ lyrics is AZ Lyrics. This website comes with a database that features over 300,000 lyrics form more than 7,000 artists. The site boasts an incredible interface that makes searching lyrics lightning fast. Song lyrics on this platform are arranged in alphabetical order by artists’ names.

What are the best song lyrics websites out there?

While every site has its unique characteristics and features, we have conducted in-depth and extensive research to bring you the best song lyrics websites out there. 1. Renowned for having the most expansive database with legal lyrics for over 700,000 titles, MetroLyrics is the most famous song lyrics platform globally.

How does the API client work with genius?

The API Client will belong to the user account signed in to Genius when it's created. The available endpoints are listed below in the resources section, along with embedded examples showing how they work and what they return. Genius uses OAuth2 for authentication. All API requests must be authenticated.

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