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Who are the members of Gap Band?

The Gap Band. The Gap Band, centered around brothers Charlie, Ronnie, and Robert Wilson, toiled in obscurity for several years prior to becoming one of the most popular funk groups of the late '70s and 1980s. The Tulsa, Oklahoma natives produced 15 Top Ten R&B singles ranging from ferocious funk anthems to gorgeous slow jams.

What does the band gap diagram mean?

The band diagram may be shown connected to a circuit diagram showing how bias voltages are applied, how charges flow, etc. The bands may be colored to indicate filling of energy levels, or sometimes the band gaps will be colored instead. Energy levels. Depending on the material and the degree of detail desired, a variety of energy levels will be plotted against position: E F or μ: Although it is not a band quantity, the Fermi level (total chemical potential of electrons) is a crucial level ...

What is a layman's explanation of the 'band gap'?

A band gap is the distance between the valence band of electrons and the conduction band . Essentially, the band gap represents the minimum energy that is required to excite an electron up to a state in the conduction band where it can participate in conduction.

What does band gap bowing means?

generally in relation to alloy formation band gap bowing refers to the deviation away from a linear combination of the two end materials. e.g. material A has a band gap of X, material B has a band gap of Y. the band gap of the AB alloy = 1/2 (X)+1/2 (Y)-1/4B, where B is the band gap bowing coefficient. i hope that helps.

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