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Frequently Asked Questions

What does GameStop’s stock split mean for GME owners?

According to CNBC, “A stock dividend is a dividend paid to shareholders in the form of additional company shares instead of cash.” Therefore, it appears that GameStop is labelling the extra shares that the owners of GME stock will receive through its likely upcoming stock split as a “stock dividend.”

Does GameStop offer a dividend?

If GameStop offers shareholders a traditional dividend (non-NFT), then shareholders will be able to use one of these two options. How much investors earn every month, or every quarter will depend on how many shares an investor holds and on GameStop’s dividend yield.

Will GameStop's stock split hurt short-sellers?

Just because GameStop's split will be in the form of a "dividend" doesn't mean there will be any special impact on short-sellers. Yes, they'll have to buy back four times as many shares, but they'll be priced lower, just like investors who are long on the stock. Image source: Getty Images.

Did the DTC Tell German brokers to execute GameStop stock split as split?

Several German broker dealers claim that the Depository Trust Company (DTC) told them to execute GameStop's stock split dividend as a mere stock split. Many German GME shareholders have reportedly not received their split shares. The Depository Trust Clearing Corporation logo.

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