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Frequently Asked Questions

Is GameStop still a good investment?

We believe GameStop will grow and it is a good investment for investors looking for growth as well as income. Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and it should not be taken as an investment recommendation.

What happened with GameStop stock?

Before its recent explosion, GameStop’s stock had been struggling for a long time. The company has been losing money for years as sales of video games increasingly go online, and its stock fell for six straight years before rebounding in 2020. That pushed many professional investors to make bets that GameStop’s stock will decline even further.

Is GameStop a monopoly?

The monopoly holder is Valve. GameStop merely has physical real estate. But investors who want to invest in gaming see little choice. They can either invest in individual game producers, such as ATVI or Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), or "get diversification" via GameStop.

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